Sunflower Fields – hopefully Forever

Texas Sunflowers

In our part of Texas, we are accustomed to seeing acres of crops.  Vast fields of cotton, alfalfa and corn being the ones most often seen.  Something different has happened this summer and it has caused a verifiable stir.  A great spanse of beautiful, bright, sunny yellow sunflowers.  Some are enjoying the quiet Texas countryside, while others have become a traffic-stopper along heavily traveled suburban roadways.  This sort of enthusiasm is typical when the state flower, the Bluebonnet, carpets hills in the springtime.   Sunflowers are a welcome rotation crop from the corn that never quite grows as high as an elephant’s eye in the scorching summer heat.   Not only visually appealing, sunflowers are a crop that is healthful for the world and as yet not genetically modified.  Bees, which have also lately been endangered by some undetermined threat, arrive as soon as the sun lights up the flowers.  I enjoyed the yellow happiness that was shining from the field and watching the bees happily buzzing about their business.  See more here:


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